Taliban return to Doha setting Platform for Afghan peace talks

Islamabad — Taliban officials state a senior delegation returned Saturday into Qatar, paving the way for the beginning of peace talks with the Afghan authorities which are predicted to happen in the tiny Gulf country.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they weren’t authorized to talk to the press.

The discussions are the next, crucial part of a peace agreement that the U.S. signed together with all the Taliban in February in Doha.

Washington has awakened pressure on Afghans on both sides of the battle to begin using their discussions to choose exactly what a post-war Afghanistan may look like, the way rights of women and minorities are protected, and the way the tens of thousands of armed Taliban and government-allied militias are disarmed and re-integrated.

American officials also have pressed neighboring Pakistan to find the Taliban into the table.

Relentless delays within the exchange of prisoners –5,000 held from the Afghan authorities and 1,000 from the Taliban — have hindered efforts to receive intra-Afghan talks began.

While little was shown about the details of his encounters with Pakistani officials, it’s thought he was pressed to begin using intra-Afghan talks.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he wants peace talks began and a military option to Afghanistan is an impossibility.

Pakistani officials allegedly met another time together with Baradar on Friday ahead of his return on Doha again pressing for a speedy beginning to Afghan peace talks, it’s believed.

U.S. and Afghan officials have said they would like to observe a decrease in violence in the battle going into discussions with the Taliban, but the militant group claims a cease-fire would just be on the schedule once talks start.

Washington’s February arrangement with the Taliban was contacted to permit the departure of American troops after almost 20 years in warfare in keeping a promise President Donald Trump made throughout the 2016 U.S. election effort. The withdrawal, that has already started, isn’t determined by the achievement of the Afghan discussions but instead on obligations made by the Taliban to combat terrorist groups and also guarantee Afghanistan cannot be utilized to attack America or its allies.