‘Tarzan’ Celebrity challenges DA report in Kid’s shooting death

— The lawyer for”Tarzan” celebrity Ron Ely and his household has contested a Santa Barbara County District Attorney report the deadly shooting of his son has been justifiable.

Attorney John Burris stated in a news conference Thursday that Cameron Ely never claimed to have a gun ahead of deputies opened fire at the 2019 confrontation. He explained Cameron Ely surrendered his palms up.

An analysis found that Cameron Ely, 30, stabbed his mom, 62-year-old Valerie Lundeen Ely, to death before he had been taken out of his father’s house in Hope Ranch, a suburb of luxury houses out Santa Barbara.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department said the deputies located Ely out of the house. The bureau stated Cameron Ely told him he had a gun and that he transferred his hands as if he had been grabbing a weapon.

The deputies fired 24 rounds in Cameron Ely. No weapon was discovered.

Last week, no charges were filed against the deputies who captured and murdered Cameron Ely.

However, Burris said that the deputies” participated in the unjustified use of lethal force.”

“If he did not possess a gun or else he did not possess a weapon, then what was the cornerstone of shooting him” Burris stated. “They might have very well believed he was involved in another activity between the mother. But that is not a foundation to take and kill him. You need a legal basis to do this”

Also, he hosted the Miss America pageant involving 1980-81.

The celebrity was home at the time of the traumatic, but there isn’t any report he was hurt.