Tekken 7 has sold six million copies, Kunimitsu Coming in Season 4.

As long-running fighting game series Tekken spanned a revenue landmark, programmer Bandai Namco has declared a fan-favorite return into the character roster.

Tekken 7 manager Katsuhiro Harada declared that the sales energies on Twitter, celebrating with a few exceptional arts of the present crop of fighters. “Tekken 7 has attained over six million earnings,” he writes. “We listed more than 50 million copies offered for the sequence.” In the accompanying picture, the numerous contenders of the Iron Fist tournament are in a Zoom phone collectively, obviously elated they have been permitted last fisticuffs after all the years.

The recorded peak remains 1998’s Tekken 3 to the PlayStation, which changed more than eight million copies in its first lifespan, therefore sequels have stayed in a large ballpark despite fluctuations in hardware and also a wider economy. Ten matches have come out in Bandai Namco’s premiere combating IP so much, setting the typical earnings at five million each match, which ai not chump change.

She has not been at the canonical roster because Tekken 2, which makes her existence here quite the function.

You can view Kunimitsu’s preview below:

According to the roadmap from the movie, a brand new phase, Red Gates, will arrive before the close of the calendar year, and 2021 will have yet another character as well as place.