Thai prosecutors Indicate drug charge against Red Bull scion

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An Office of the Attorney General committee also indicated that the cost of causing death by reckless driving from Vorayuth Yoovidhya could be restored following a re-examination of these signs. Prosecutors dropped that bill last month, sparking a new uproar within the case that critics say highlights the impunity rich Thais enjoy.

“The committee will guarantee you that the situation has not finished,” a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, Prayuth Bejraguna, stated in a press conference.

Vorayuth was accused of trickling a Bangkok road in his Ferrari at rates up to 177 km (110 miles) per hour after he struck a police officer patrolling on a bike. The officer and his mangled bicycle were hauled for many dozen meters (yards) until his body dropped to the street.

Police followed a trail of fluid into the Yoovidhya household’s local land. The vehicle, which they discovered there, had a shattered windshield along with its bumper was dangling. Initially, a chauffeur was blamed for the crash, however, Vorayuth later confessed to being the catalyst. He turned himself in and has been released on bond the same day.

His attorneys managed to put off any court looks until April 2017, when a warrant was issued for his arrest a couple of days later he’d left the country.

Regardless of the legal dangers hanging over himVorayuth managed following the injury to direct a hectic globetrotting lifetime, flying privately Red Bull jets to attend Formula One races, go sour in Japan, and cruising in Venice, among other pursuits.

Several lower charges had expired.

No specific reasons were given to why the fee has been dropped, but an official memo leaked into Thai media mentioned two witnesses stating they’d witnessed Vorayuth’s automobile traveling safely over the speed limit and the police officer had cut in front of him.

Officials in Tuesday’s news conference said they’d request a re-investigation of if Vorayuth had been speeding.

“I will guarantee you that the​ Office of the Attorney General is looking for the facts and is abandoning this situation nor contemplating it shut,” explained Chanchai Chalanonniwat, a part of the attorney general’s committee.

The committee also acknowledged that a new investigation could also exonerate Vorayuth.

Last week’s death in a bicycle accident of a few of those witnesses in the event inserted a brand new twist to the instance. Though there seemed to be no suspicious circumstances involved, it currently has become the object of a particular investigation, together with the sufferer’s body arranged captured for examination.

Besides this new analysis, the attorney general’s committee indicated a charge of utilizing Class 2 medications be lodged against Vorayuth. The crime is punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment plus a fine.

The news appeared last week when Vorayuth was analyzed after the crash, traces of substances were discovered in his system signaling cocaine, however, that authorities didn’t pursue charges after being told that it came out of an anesthetic used in dental care. Dental experts reacted that medication used for a dental function includes chemical compounds different from those located in cocaine.