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The Masked Singer Unmasks the Grandpa Monster Following Some Questionable Clues

The Masked Singer Unmasks the Grandpa Monster Following Some Questionable Clues

Another week, another genuinely inconsistent and somewhat upsetting Masked Singer show. Some enthusiasts had figured out that the Grandpa Monster was famous/infamous Youtuber Logan Paul, but it became very clear for this week’s instalment. He disclosed his love of Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson along with his love of fighting and sang about his”Bad Reputation” before being voted off the show. He, for some reason, began a feud with Piglet.

After he took his mask off, there was one part of the most recent clue bundle that felt, in retrospect, a bit. . .unwise. The bundle revealed Grandpa Monster giving his traces at a woods, which instantly might remind one of this controversy that landed Paul in several headlines in ancient 2018 after he published a movie from Aokigahara, called the”suicide woods.” The movie seemed to incorporate a dead person.

Logan deleted the movie, apologized profusely and vowed to contribute $1 million into suicide prevention organizations following having a three-week fracture from YouTube, so it seems just like a strange decision to bring up anything which may remind folks of the controversy three decades after.

Grandpa Panda clarified that playing with the personality made him feel free, such as the time he cried himself in the jungle, which Logan did for an episode of his 2016 TV series, Logan Paul Vs. Regrettably, that is not the type of woods most men and women associate him with.

Logan escaped detection from the board, but just barely. Nicole Scherzinger guessed Jake Paul rather than Logan, which means that you may imagine her reaction once the incorrect brother took his mask off.

Even though Grandpa Monster is currently from this contest, the gifted wildcard contestant Crab has made it all in. He will compete against fellow Team A contestants Black Swan, Piglet and Chameleon as the season Persist.

Keep up with the contestants below!

As soon as you understand the Raccoon is Danny Trejo, you can not unhear it. There was likewise a doughnut in his very first hint bundle, which ought to have been a dead giveaway for its actor-turned-doughnut seller.

Few masked singers are quite as clear as the Phoenix, that only couldn’t escape from Caitlyn Jenner’s voice and mannerisms. She has been on TV too much time to remain a mystery for quite long whatsoever.

We still shake with this, TBH. The initial unmasked singer of year five proven to be Kermit the Frog, who’s a muppet. Sure, he is a successful star of films and TV shows, but he’s also still a puppet. Baffling!

The Russian elections are somewhat baffling. Initially, there seemed to be around, then another looked, and currently, there are! They seem like Hanson, and when they are not Hanson, we’ll eat a shoe. (No we will not.)

According to his traces, the Robopine got a call from an angel which altered his life and he’s on a new assignment that nobody could touch. He promised to be 60, but not one of the panellists considered him. He has certainly got a voice plus a few significant talents, and when we are agreed that he is lying about his age, Tyrese Gibson might be a good option. MC Hammer is really in his late 50s and could also make sense.

Seashell moved around with her family for the majority of her youth and has worn a lot of hats. Should you ask the world wide web, it is Tamera Mowry and it is difficult to disagree.

Ken Jeong strove to suspect Kristen Chenoweth and has been praised by the remainder of the panel, but she’s one of the most recognizable voices in showbiz so we are not certain where he had been going with this.

Black Swan is an excellent singer who states she got swept up under a charm and hypnotized with a Hollywood deal she could not resist. She seems like a grownup JoJo, who fought beneath her first record deal for many years before eventually breaking loose of it.

The panellists, who’ve regularly guessed JoJo Previously, went with Anya Taylor Joy and Camila Cabello.

The Chameleon is a tall guy and there were references to a”pit” and 007, making great sense for Wiz Khalifa. He is 6’4″ and he is from Pittsburgh. Also, he has something for Pitbulls, also contains a tune called”James Bong.”

Guesses included Redfoo, Diplo and maybe even Nick Cannon, which could admittedly be a fantastic trick.

Grandpa Dragon

Whoever Grandpa Dragon is, he has a past he is hoping to shake and that he hates looking back to his younger days since he has done so much climbing. Alarmingly, both prevailing suspects online are Logan Paul and O.J. Simpson. The voice sounds far similar to the latter.

The panel pictured Scott Disick, Johnny Manziel along with also the Miz.

Despite a hint package full of Bachelor references, the Piglet appears considerably more likely to be a boy bander. He seems an awful lot like Nick Lachey, along with his hints revealed that the entire world has witnessed his heart, which we did following the passing of his TV series with ex-wife Jessica Simpson. When it’s someone from The Bachelor, then we have got to understand who has been hiding that gift out of us!

Panellists guessed Adam Lambert, Liam Hemsworth and Charlie Puth, but not one of those feel very perfect.

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