Thieves steal Company jet at Mexico, crash at Guatemala

A BAe125 aircraft from C Flight of 32 (The Royal) Squadron taking part in a formation flying exercise high over Wembley, London. The world famous Wembley sports stadium is visible in the background.

MEXICO CITY — Thieves stole a company jet out of an airport in fundamental Mexico, flew it to Venezuela, seemingly loaded it with medications, and then flew into Guatemala in which the airplane crashed, police said Thursday.

Prosecutors in Guatemala explained that a total of four bodies have been discovered around the website where the BAE 125 jet crashed and burnt Wednesday.

The deceased couldn’t be immediately recognized, but weapons and drugs were found at the burnt wreckage of their craft, which police called a Hawker 800.

The airplane had arrived on Aug. 10 and has been parked in a personal hangar.

Mexico’s Civil Aviation Agency stated three people requested permission to gas the jet up, purportedly to do maintenance checks on the airplane. Then, without consent, they taxied to a runway and took off, without getting stuffed a flight program.

Authorities tracked the airplane as it flew south.

The Guatemalan military said that the plane made a stop in Venezuela before entering Guatemala, which borders Mexico.

The drugs found in the airplane could have been aboard because it abandoned Mexico, but there could be small reasons to proceed medication toward Venezuela, which is a significant transit hub for South American cocaine. It was considerably more probable the drugs were packed aboard in Venezuela.