This Nut-Based Dip Made Me Ignore Ranch

I am here now to comprehend another sauce using its very own prestigious matriarchal domain name, which sauce is Bitchin’ Sauce.

Before you tattle on us to get swearing, we ought to explain that”bitchin'” in this circumstance is probably the California English adjective meaning amazing (e.g. I simply watched a bitchin’ Camaro while drivin’ up here in the 405). It’s on no account derogatory or disparaging.

Irrespective of variety, every Bitchin’ Sauce includes a grounded nuttiness, brightened by lemon juice and nutritional yeast to get a savory tang. Although it’s mostly nuts, it’s not a nut butter feel is nearer to ranch dressing. The first is a small garlicky, but it’s a different brewed taste all of its own. –I have never tried them, but I am guessing they would make excellent dips for apple pieces.)

Bitchin’ Sauce is a Carlsbad, CA-born mix with a creamy feel which comes completely from almonds. (The item is dairy-free.) It is a sauce by title, but I broke it as a dip, served along with pita chips and crudités. It is thick and luxurious enough to feel like a dip, but it may also enter condiment land when dolloped on a bowl of vegetables and rice. Dilute it with a little bit of water and you have got a strong salad dressing. For any dairy-loving individual who can’t stomach milk, Bitchin’ Sauce is a vegetarian choice to sweet, rich dips and additives which doesn’t in any way feel poor.

While its vegan-GFDF standing is a significant allure, Bitchin’ Sauce is also a fantastic accompaniment to beef. You may use it as a sauce or curry to get a differently plainly-seasoned grilled fish or poultry and suddenly you have got a meal that is composed. I’ve spread it on sandwiches, served it and shake onto a cheese board, and also have put it. Can onion or ranch dip do this?

We have progressed enough as a society to understand that vegan-friendly food is much more than just the butt of jokes from beer advertisements. If you’re among those men and women who have passed a bathtub of Bitchin’ Sauce since you believed it was less than or inferior for your dairy-based dips, all I can say is that you are passing up a bitchin’ time.