This Week: Coca-Cola, American Airlines’ Consequences; home sales

A look at a number of the major business events and economic indicators Coming this week:


Coca-Cola functions up its second-quarter outcomes Tuesday.

The drink company was hurt by a sharp drop in earnings due partially to the close of theatres, restaurants, stadiums, and music venues across the globe that typically purchases its brewed beverages and syrups. Wall Street analysts anticipate Coca-Cola’s earnings and earnings dropped from the April-June quarter from a year before.

Economists project that sales of previously occupied houses rose in June from a month before.

Home earnings plummeted 9.7percent in May to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.91 million since the financial fallout in the pandemic sidelined numerous prospective sellers and buyers. However, the number of contracts to purchase houses, a sign of future earnings, rebounded a listing 44.3% the identical month.

Jan. 5.42

Feb. 5.76

March 5.27

April 4.33

May 3.91

Source: FactSet


Wall Street anticipates that American Airlines fell deeper into the red in the next quarter.

Analysts predict the company will report Thursday a reduction for the April-June interval versus a year-earlier gain, and also a sharp drop in earnings. Airlines are trying hard to remain in business as passenger reservations have shrunk as a result of coronavirus. This month, American cautioned 25,000 workers might be laid off in the autumn.