Thousands march into Berlin during support of refugees into Greece

BERLIN — tens of thousands of people marched in Berlin on Sunday demanding the authorities do more to assist migrants stuck in Greece, a lot of whom were left homeless because fires ravaged the nation’s biggest refugee camp.

Just a tiny woman held a sign stating”allow the folks in” while a girl waved a placard stating”People are suffering, Fortress Europe looks about — and cuddles up to the proper “

Over 12,000 migrants and refugees fled the flames, which the Greek government says were intentionally set by a little set of Afghan migrants to protest a virus lockdown in the Moria camp. Thousands have slept outside on a nearby roadside at the nighttime because of the blazes.

Germany’s government said it might take in 1,553 migrants — 408 households with kids — from different Greek islands that have been given protected status in Greece. The move came along with a choice to take in around 150 unaccompanied children as part of European work.

The weekend demonstrators demanded that Germany perform more, which the authorities do not obstruct separate municipal or state attempts to take in refugees themselves.

Approximately 3,000 people had registered to participate in the march, but police told the DPA news agency the audience numbered from the”mid-four-digit selection.”