Toothless Cindy raps about Colombian buses to create ends meet

BOGOTA, Colombia — Together with her pink cardigan and thick eyeglasses, “Toothless Cindy” is now turning into a musical feeling on Colombian public transportation.

Marlene Alfonso’s nickname –“Cindy sin Dientes” in Spanish — stems from the fact that she’s missing nearly all of her teeth and she states she can not manage false ones.

“If you can not give me money, give me a kiss, then which will fix my jagged neck.”

Her old era, funny lyrics, and unusual attire to get a rapper have aided her to stand outside. She has been an inspiration for a set of migrants that’s been mostly welcomed in Colombia but has also suffered lately from discrimination and xenophobic attacks.

“It’s hard to earn a living here,” states Haileen Volcan, a 32-year-old Venezuelan with five kids, that sells puzzles for children on Bogota’s buses. “However, if she can jump on work and buses, a young girl like myself could sell items also.”

Over 1.7 million Venezuelans now reside in Colombia, in which they’ve transferred to escape their country’s economic and diplomatic crisis. By immigration officials, just 720,000 possess a residence permit, which compels many migrants to work for less than the minimum wage or earn a living as buskers or street sellers.

Alfonso states she was performing for hints in her hometown of Caracas, long until she came to Bogota.

Alfonso says that she can earn roughly $8 a day out of hints on Bogota’s Transmilenio. It is sufficient to cover rent and send some money home for her daughter.

“I am showing people how not to feel defeated,” Alfonso said after completing a set of tunes. “Our hearts don’t have any wrinkles in them. I am 69 and there is still a great deal of juice squeeze out of this orange”

However, being a road rapper is not simple. Alfonso suffers from glaucoma and can’t see from her eye. She does not have sufficient cash to attend a professional and moves around using a stick to stop from falling.

The grandma can not find the buttons on her speaker’s remote controller correctly, so she inquires commuters for assistance to perform the ideal tracks.

“We worry about her,” explained Volcan, who runs into Alfonso about the Transmilenio. “She resides a mountain and we are attempting to locate a place to lease that’s nearer to the bus stop”

Alfonso presses despite the hurdles and delivers her regular where she encourages commuters to laugh as”comedy is free of charge.”

Some consider selfies together with the toothless grandma, and many others have submitted videos of her singing on buses which have gone viral about Twitter.

This growing popularity comes as a few budding migrants make headlines in Colombia for committing offenses that have robberies on public buses.

Back in Bogota, which will be home to over 350,000 Venezuelans, Mayor Claudia Lopez lately said that some migrants are providing her”headaches” and that”we ought to immediately deport anybody who comes to perpetrate crimes.”

The declarations were applauded by a number of her fans but also refused by federal immigration officials that stated that just 4 percent of crimes reported in Colombia are committed by terrorists.

Alfonso for her role says she’s a”human rather than a pig” in her most recent song. And she disses Venezuelans that have broken laws.

I’d love to beat up them with my rod,” she sings. “I do not encourage that, that is a step backward. I am only rapping to make a few pesos.”