Top Israeli, UAE diplomats meeting near Berlin toward talks

Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Inter-institutional relations and Foresight Maros Sefcovic addresses lawmakers during a plenary session at the European Parliament in Brussels, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020. A top European Union official dealing with the United Kingdom said Tuesday that a cliff-edge rupture between the two without even a basic trade deal by the end of the year is becoming more likely by the day. (Olivier Hoslet/Pool Photo via AP)

BERLIN — The foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Israel are currently meeting in Berlin on Tuesday for discussions that Germany expects will strengthen untoward ties between both countries and fortify wider Middle East peace efforts.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stated it had been a”great honor which the Israeli and Emirati foreign ministers have picked Berlin as the place because of their early meeting” because both countries agreed to normalize relations at a U.S.-brokered thing.

The agreement, signed in a White House ceremony last month, reflects the shifting politics of the Middle East, where shared worries regarding archenemy Iran have mostly resisted conventional Arab aid for the Palestinians, who deny the agreement as a betrayal.

“The main currency in diplomacy is hope, and I am personally thankful to both my colleagues for putting this hope in Germany,” Maas said in a statement. “We’re doing what we could to be great hosts to the dialogue between both nations about the best way best to shape their future relations.”

Maas said that the”brave peace agreement” between the two nations is”the first great news in the Mideast in quite a while and in precisely the same time an chance for new motion at the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Maas stated”trust and courage” are what’s needed from the Middle East peace procedure.

“We have to seize this chance, also Germany and Europe wish to assist,” Maas said. “I expect that Berlin can provide a fantastic framework to go over additional steps on this route.”