Top Most Stolen Hotel Items

Hotels expect you to take certain things from chambers (travel-sized toiletry bottles are fair game, by way of instance ). But when guests begin to steal larger things, that is if it crosses the line to thieving –and why resorts will place a small notice from the area permitting you to know that in case the robe goes missing, it’ll be added to your invoice at checkout.

The luxury resort and spa manual Wellness Heaven researched 1,157 resorts to ascertain what the most commonly stolen items are.

Most resorts sell their lavish towels and bathrobes, so if you must have one, inquire about buying one instead of simply hiding it–after all, would not you rather pay to get a new thing than sneak one that countless guests have utilized before you?

The poll compared rates of thieving in five-star resorts to four-star resorts and discovered that mattresses have been stolen 8.1 times more frequently from the luxury resorts. Hoteliers noted that guests will try to smuggle down the mattresses in the lifts straight for their vehicle, beneath the cover of night. But, we are pretty certain the cleaner will detect (and report) the king-sized stolen thing when they go to form the bed in the daytime.

Another especially adventuresome thefts reported to Wellness Heaven added: toilet fittings, a grand piano, wooden sauna chairs, plus a stereo system.