Trudeau reaches Cope with Resistance party, election Prevented

OTTAWA, Ontario — Among Canada’s most important opposition parties reached a deal with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration which allows for Trudeau’s minority Liberal government to remain in power, officials said Friday.

Liberal Government House leader Pablo Rodriguez said the Liberals had come into an arrangement with the leftist New Democratic Party on its requirements for supporting the Throne Speech, where the government laid out its priorities Wednesday.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh affirmed that his party would support the address.

An election could have been pressured when the NDP had joined the other two major opposition parties in voting from the address. Trudeau won reelection this past year, but his Liberal party doesn’t own a vast majority of seats in Parliament and has to rely on a minimum of one opposition party to keep in power.

The opposition Conservatives already said they’d vote against the speech, although the Bloc Quebecois required the Liberals to add tens of thousands of dollars to annual national wellbeing transfers.

The NDP wanted improved emergency advantages for functions.