True Beauty Episode 9 Release Date In India Preview Including Other Articles

True Beauty Episode 9 Release Date In India Preview Including Other Articles: Following the brief hiatus at Authentic Beauty’s creation because of this COVID scare and New Year’s specials of the broadcasting station, the series is already proactively picking up from where it left off. Authentic Beauty episode 8 and 7 received a fantastic reception in the kind of TRP as lovers could not hide their enthusiasm for its long-awaited episodes. Keep Reading to know Authentic Beauty incident 9 release date:

True Beauty episode 9 release date

After carefully, its 10th episode is likely to make its way into the viewers on Thursday i.e. January 14, 2021. Once it premiers on a few of the highest stations in South Korea, TvN, its flowing rights are purchased by the famed OTT platform, Rakuten Viki. Rakuten Viki is offered in the majority of the areas throughout the globe including India.

As noticed in the previous episode, the troop is set to become haunted in the forests as they set off to get an off-site of the college. There, Suho and Jugyeong discuss some intimate moments together by the river before finally sharing their first kiss because they are hide-out. Seojun, on the other hand, appears to have confronted the brutal reality of Jugyeong not coming his feelings when she innocently admits to him while yelling.

From the trailer, we see Suho and Jugyeong have started going out, covertly. Jugyeong appears to be considering working part-time as she desires pocket cash to buy more cosmetics. Also, we see that Jugyeong and Seojun match to get a magazine photoshoot in which their goofy minutes quickly turn romantic. Near the close of the preview, Suho admits he is breaking up with Jugyeong facing the classroom since Sujin is seen yelling.

When some fans voiced their disappointment in the brief connection, others have been adamant in thinking that the break-up arrangement was a part of Jugyeong’s fantasy. And there are a couple that is still rooting for Seojun and Jugyeong’s connection to come into fruition, exactly like from the webtoon. Take a Look at the responses: