Trump: Coronavirus Outbreak Will Grow Worse

The president said that the outbreak is chiefly at the Sunbelt” but might be dispersing.” He said that deaths and cases are climbing in”some tough hit countries,” but added that the national mortality rate is significantly lower compared to other counties.

“I see it this way, anything which possibly can help, which surely can assist, is a fantastic thing.”

He continued to express optimism in the quantity of personal protective gear and ventilators throughout the nation.

“We have enormous amounts of equipment,” Trump said. “We’re in very good form and will move them fast.”

Officials at the U.S. report over 3.8 million instances of this virus and more than 141,000 deaths, based on Johns Hopkins University. It is the most deaths and cases of any nation.

Trump said he’d encourage greater testing, despite his previous remarks on slowing testing to maintain more instances of this virus from being recorded.

“I believe we are doing an enormous amount of testing, but if the physicians and professionals believe that, though we are in a level which no one dreamed possible, they’d love to do much more, I am alright with it,” Trump said.