Turkey marks fourth anniversary of Unsuccessful coup Effort

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday followed closely by civilian”veterans” who fought against the coup, put a wreath at a convention at the presidential complex in Ankara, and flew. Erdogan was kicking off a string of events to commemorate the devastating of this coup, such as one at parliament. Attendees were wearing masks since the event happened amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On July 15, 2016, factions within the army used tanks, warplanes, and tanks to attempt and overthrow Erdogan’s government. A total of 251 people were murdered and about 2,200 others were injured as the coup plotters fired people or bombed parliament and other government buildings. Approximately 35 alleged coup plotters were killed.

His community has been designated a terrorist group and also dubbed the Fethullahist Terror Organization or FETO.

“We shall continue our resolute battle within our nation and overseas until the previous FETO manhood is brought to justice,” Erdogan said in a luncheon for the relatives of”martyrs” and the injured.

The authorities announced a state of crisis following the coup effort to crackdown on Gulen’s network.

Under emergency powers that were set up for a couple of decades, tens of thousands of individuals were detained for alleged connections to the coup and also to Gulen and the trials persist. Over 130,000 people were fired out of public support through emergency decrees, one of the teachers and police officers.

Critics say the arrests and dismissals went too far, targeting all resistance to the authorities under Turkey’s broad terror legislation.

Erdogan stated that over 100 individuals with supposed links to the cleric were captured overseas and brought back to Turkey to stand trial. Schools, cultural facilities, and associations put up throughout the planet by Gulen’s multinational community were shuttered or changed into institutions attached to the Turkish authorities.