Turkey says 13 of its citizens murdered by militants in N.Iraq

Hulusi Akar said 12 of those victims were shot in the head and you died of a shoulder bullet wound. They had been found at the Gara area near the Turkish border through an operation from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK found on Feb. 10.

Operation Claw-Eagle two resulted in the deaths of 48 PKK militants, including three senior associates, along with the catch of 2 insurgents, Akar explained.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Guler said the surgery covered a region of 75 km by 25 km (47 miles by 15 miles), among the biggest regions to be targeted at current attempts against the PKK.

“In hunts of a cave, that was taken under management following extreme clashes, the bodies of 13 of our abducted taxpayers were discovered,” Akar stated from an operations centre in Sirnak on the Turkish side of the border.

The victims were murdered at the onset of the procedure to grab the cave complex, Akar stated, adding that”most of the terrorists at the cave… were neutralized.”

The identity of the Turkish citizens wasn’t disclosed and Akar stated their kidnapping hadn’t previously been disclosed because of safety reasons.

In a statement taken by the PKK-linked Firat news bureau, the PKK stated”prisoners of war” comprising members of the Turkish security forces and intelligence bureau were murdered because of Turkey’s assault.

Ammunition shops and PKK bases in the mountainous area were destroyed in the procedure, which deployed airstrikes and helicopter-borne soldiers. The PKK uses bases in northern Iraq to establish cross-border strikes against Turkey.

Three Turkish soldiers died throughout the surgery and three others were injured, Akar explained.

Ruling party spokesman Omer Celik said the hostage killings have been”an attack on all humanity” while Devlet Bahceli, who directs a civic party allied to the government, described the episode as”just like a fireball that’s crashed on the country’s hearts.”

Opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu offered his condolences to all those murdered by the”treacherous terrorist association”.

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