Turkey’s president slams European Courtroom for Demirtas Judgment

Erdogan also accuses Demirtas of connections to outlawed Kurdish insurgents. The Kurdish politician faces around 142 years on terror fees but denies any wrongdoing.

He ran for president Erdogan — after a while incarcerated — and can be a vocal critic of the authorities.

The 2015 demonstrations at the largely Kurdish southeast accused Turkey of inaction since the Islamic State team surrounded the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani, round the boundary.

Turkish authorities say that the Allied fighters in Kobani and northern Syria are connected to some decades-long insurgency from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK.

Dozens of chosen HDP lawmakers and mayors, in addition to thousands of activist members are detained in a crackdown on the party for alleged connections to the PKK. Erdogan’s nationalist ally lately called for the celebration to be shut down.

On Tuesday, the Grand Chamber of the ECHR in Strasbourg ruled that Demirtas’ four decades in prison violated his rights five basic rights groups, for example, freedom of expression.

The court stated Demirtas’ extended detention, during two major elections, therefore, revealed Turkey” had chased the ulterior intention of stifling pluralism and restricting freedom of political argument.”

Erdogan stated the European court had ruled in an”unusual” manner, saying national legal avenues hadn’t been drained by Demirtas along with his attorneys. He explained the court can’t rule in a manner that bypasses the Turkish judiciary and the Turkish courts could”just” appraise ECHR decisions.

“These measures are politically motivated,” Erdogan said, adding that the court used”double standards”

Meanwhile, the ECHR declared that its site came under a”large-scale” cyber attack following its Demirtas judgment, which makes the site inaccessible for many hours.

“The Court strongly deplores this critical incident,” an announcement said. It is unclear who was behind the assault.