Turkish lira Strikes another Historical low amid pandemic

The Turkish lira fell to 7.3677 from the dollar before creating a recovery. The lira is down about 19 percent versus the U.S. money since the start of the year. It had been trading around 7.17 at 11:45 GMT.

The fall is fueled by high inflation, a huge current account deficit, and also the Turkish government’s drive for the inexpensive charge to induce a market which was delicate before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Analysts have voiced concerns over the degree of Turkey’s reservations and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aversion to high rates of interest.

Turkey was hoping to get an influx of foreign currency through exports and tourism earnings, however, the pandemic has aggressively undermined the tourism business and disrupted global trade.

Speaking after Friday prayers in the newly reconverted Hagia Sophia mosque, Erdogan stated that”there are severe zigzags in the international market after the pandemic.”

He added: “I feel the Turkish lira will fall into place… all these are temporary changes.”