Twisted Sister Contributor to anti-maskers: Do Not use our Tune

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider took to societal websites to condemn anti-maskers who travelled right into a Florida Target shop blaring the team’s hit”We Are Not Gonna Take It” while ripping off their masks.

At a tweet Wednesday, Snider called the stunt”moronic,” and shared a movie which was captured through an upset customer within the Goal in Coral Ridge Mall in Fort Lauderdale. The movie had over 30 million viewpoints.

Snider said the team does not possess his”consent or boon to use my tune because of their moronic cause.”

The stunt attracted fast activity from Broward County officials.

In addition, he submitted a YouTube video of it in their vantage point on Tuesday.

“In celebration of Burn Your Own Mask Day we decided to disperse some liberty dust across the shoppers and workers of Goal!”

The little band of anti-maskers approached clients within the shop.

“We are Americans, breathe,” a woman cried. “It is a lie!”

Another girl screamed that a client should take the mask away. “You do not want it,” she explained.

In case a guest cried, the team cheered.

Federal health officials have stated masks can effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19 and have begged the people to adopt them. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told a committee of U.S. senators on Wednesday a very simple face covering may be more powerful than the usual vaccine in protecting individuals from the virus.

Nelson was involved with previous protests linked to the coronavirus pandemic. He staged a demonstration against shore closures on the Fourth of July. He cried about limitations being intrusions on citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights through an Broward County news conference. Police asked him to leave, stating he had been causing a disturbance. He initially resisted but complied following a officer ordered him to put his hands behind his back.

Three individuals were identified on the county sent them 100 citations for failing to put on decorative sheets in public spaces to help suppress the spread of COVID-19, Broward County spokeswoman Margaret Stapleton told the paper.

“Any additional participants in the movie which can be identified will also receive $100 citations in the email,” she explained.

However he told the paper the protesters had entered the shop with their masks .

Danielle Schumann, a Target corporate spokeswoman, stated Goal requires shoppers to put on masks within shops.

Nelson told the Sun Sentinel he’ll continue to make use of the Twisted Sister tune, despite Snider’s complaint.

“It is miserable,” Nelson stated. “it is a fantastic anthem about liberty and overcoming oppression.”