Twitter Breaking down on thousands of QAnon conspiracy theory Balances

Twitter on Tuesday said that it had been breaking down on accounts connected to QAnon, a team famous for distributing conspiracy theories on the web.

“We have been clear that we’ll take strong enforcement actions on behavior with the potential to result in offline injury,” Twitter’s security team said late Tuesday.

“In accord with this strategy, this week we’re taking additional actions on so-called’QAnon’ action throughout the service”

NBC News initially reported about the move, stating that in the previous few months, Twitter had taken down over 7,000 accounts connected to QAnon for violating its guidelines on targeted harassment as part of its policy.

The social networking giant will even quit recommending content and accounts tied to this group, affecting some 150,000 accounts, the socket reported.

It is going to also prohibit QAnon-related terms from showing in Twitter’s search feature and trending issues, also, to prohibit coordinated harassment campaigns of sufferers driven by followers of this group.

“We shall permanently suspend accounts about these topics we all know are engaged in violations of our multi-account coverage, coordinating misuse about human sufferers, or are trying to bypass a former suspension — something we have seen more of lately,” Twitter explained.

The group is called”QAnon” since the assumed secret operative sends messages with the letter”Q.”

They have been proven to disperse a possibly deadly theory concerning the coronavirus, allegedly telling followers they can shield themselves against the disease from guzzling a”Miracle Mineral Remedy,” or MMS, which turns out to bleach when blended.