Twitter says direct messages of 36 accounts were Endangered in Gigantic hack

Twitter revealed new information about the huge cyberattack the platform endured last week, stating hackers could get the message inboxes of all the accounts.

“We feel that for as much as 36 of those 130 targeted accounts, the attackers obtained the DM inbox, such as 1 elected official in the Netherlands,” the company said in an upgraded announcement on its site Wednesday. “To date, we’ve got no sign that any other current or former elected official had their DMs obtained”

The social networking giant formerly confessed that 130 accounts were targeted by hackers, that sent outside tweets on 45 of the people.

Moreover, eight reports had a record of”Your Twitter Data” downloaded, meaning hackers obtained a summary of the Twitter user’s specifics and action.

The business also shared with the most recent updates on the analysis on its confirmed Twitter Service accounts, where updates are posted as the hack July 15.

Many tweets posted from these types of accounts requested users to send money into some Bitcoin account.

The highly-publicized cyberattack has come to be the topic of an FBI probe.

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers at the House additionally predicted on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to combine other tech executives that are testifying in a subcommittee hearing next week.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, delivered a letter on Wednesday on Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., asserting there’s”bipartisan interest” to listen to Dorsey about, among other items,” the causes behind the current highly publicized security breaches.”