U.S. Says Space for Sanctions in Answer to China in South China Sea

The best U.S. diplomat for East Asia said on Tuesday the United States could react to sanctions against Chinese officials and partnerships engaged with coercion from the South China Sea.

“Nothing is off the table… there’s space for it.

Stilwell spoke a day after the United States refused China’s promises to overseas resources in the majority of the South China Sea since”totally criminal,” a stance Beijing said elevated tensions in the area.

Washington has opposed China’s grand territorial claims on the South China Sea, delivering warships frequently through the strategic waterway to show independence of navigation, but Monday’s statement reflected a brand new tone.

China claims 90 percent of the possibly energy-rich South China Sea, however, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam also lay claim to portions of it, through that approximately $3 trillion of commerce passes annually. Beijing has assembled bases atop atolls from the area but states its aims are peaceful.

The U.S.-China connection has grown increasingly stressed lately over different issues, such as China’s handling of this novel coronavirus and its own tightened grip on Hong Kong.