UAE Mars mission from Japan Postponed again by weather

TOKYO — The launching of a United Arab Emirates Mars orbiter, already postponed two times, was postponed farther because of poor weather in the Japanese launching website.

The launch, originally scheduled for Wednesday in the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan, had been postponed until Friday. It had been postponed further on Wednesday to an unspecified date,” stated Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the supplier of this H-IIA rocket.

The UAE assignment team stated on Twitter the launch would happen later in July. Mitsubishi said it generally announces launches at least 2 days ahead of the scheduled date.

Mitsubishi launching official Keiji Suzuki stated earlier this week that a postponement was possible due to occasional rain and lightning were forecast during the upcoming few days.

Heavy rain has fallen for over a week in massive regions of Japan, sparking deadly mudslides and flooding on the southern principal island of Kyushu.

Hope would be to reach Mars in February 2021, the year that the UAE celebrates 50 years since its creation. An effective Hope mission could be a significant step for your oil-dependent economy looking for a future in distance.

Hope includes three instruments to examine the upper air and track climate change and also is scheduled to ring the red planet for two decades.

Two additional Mars missions are planned in the coming days from the U.S. and China. Japan has its Martian moon mission intended in 2024.