UK festival curator accuses UAE Ministry of sex Attack

LONDON — The seat of Britain’s Hay literary festival said Sunday the occasion won’t return to Abu Dhabi after among those festival’s curators alleged that she had been sexually attacked by the endurance ministry of the United Arab Emirates while working together with him. Lawyers for the ministry later denied her accounts.

The Times said McNamara, who’d traveled to the UAE to operate on the initiation of the literary festival, claimed she had been attacked by the sheik whenever they met in a distant island villa.

British attorneys for Sheikh Nahyan refused McNamara’s account, stating that he was”amazed and saddened with this allegation.”

When asked about the situation, Britain’s Metropolitan Police confirmed that a woman contacted the drive July 3 to report an allegation of rape, also stated a first statement was removed from her.

The Associated Press doesn’t typically title sexual attack sufferers, but McNamara agreed to be identified from the Sunday Times, which ran her image on the front page.

Hay Festival seat Caroline Michel stated her coworkers are devoted to encouraging McNamara is looking for legal actions and said the festival won’t return to Abu Dhabi while the sheik stays in his article.

“What happened to our friend and colleague Caitlin McNamara at Abu Dhabi last February was a dreadful violation along with a hideous misuse of standing and trust,” Michel said in a statement.

“Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan created a mockery of his ministerial responsibilities and undermined his government’s effort to operate with Hay Festival to encourage free speech and feminine empowerment,” she added.

The sheik’s ministry compensated for its four-day festival in Abu Dhabi, which happened in late February and featured several renowned authors.

Sheikh Nahyan has received global attention because the Emirates hosted Pope Francis and goes toward normalizing ties with Israel while inviting Jews to the Muslim-ruled nation.