UK military seizes tanker that reported Barbarous stowaways

LONDON — The U.K. army seized control of a petroleum tanker that dropped anchor in the English Channel after reporting Sunday it had seven stowaways aboard who’d become violent.

Police investigations will continue, and reports confirmed that the tanker’s crew was safe and well, the ministry said.

“I commend the hard work of these armed forces and authorities to safeguard lives and protected the boat,” Wallace stated. “In dark heavens and worsening weather, we must be thankful for our courageous staff”

The episode started Sunday morning to the Libyan-registered tanker Nave Andromeda. The coast guard appeared two aquariums into the scene, and police enforced a three-mile exclusion zone around the boat.

The tanker was occupying a place about five miles northwest of Sandown on the Isle of Wight because roughly 10 a.m., monitoring data revealed.

Chris Parry, a retired Royal Navy rear admiral who’s currently a fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told The Associated Press that he guesses that the stowaways grew barbarous since the tanker neared port, along with the team retreated into a protected area called”the citadel” to keep control of the boat.

The captain probably wished to avoid taking a fully loaded tanker to the densely populated region close to the Portsmouth navy base, in which Britain’s carriers have been established, provided that this episode was happening, Parry explained.

“You do not need this boat anywhere near with this type of thing happening,” he explained.

Bob Seely, that symbolizes the Isle of Wight at Parliament, said the British government was planning to convene a meeting of its crisis committee to go over the event. Trouble on the boat is of special concern due to the tanker’s cargo and since the vessel began from West Africa, ” he explained.

“I guess, due to the character of it is going to be treated as marine counter-terrorism,” Seely told Sky News. “The variety of individuals in the U.K. who do this are extremely restricted, and the applicable units will be studying choices, undoubtedly, as to what we might do.”

Parry reported that such stowaway events aren’t rare and are very likely to increase since migrants search for new strategies to enter Britain.

“I feel the main point to take from that is that we’ve got a world that is about the go, and the ocean is the physical equivalent to the World Wide Web,” he explained. “And folks will discover ways to get between nations by sea, by another course that gets them out of 1 spot into another, in which they could advance themselves efficiently, enhance their lives and escape from anything horrors or pitfalls they had been born to.”