Ukraine Airplane crash death toll rises to 26, with 1 survivor

MOSCOW — Searchers combing the region in which a Ukrainian army aircraft crashed discovered two bodies on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 26. 1 man survived.

No cause for the crash was determined.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced Saturday for a day of mourning for the accident victims and purchased that flights of An-26 airplanes be stopped pending evaluation of the crash trigger.

Zelenskiy, that visited the crash place on Saturday, called for a complete evaluation of the status of the nation’s military gear and stated he wanted an official report on the wreck by Oct. 25.

The An-26 is a transport airplane used by both civilian and military operators. Nearly 1,400 of those airplanes were fabricated from 1969 to 1986, according to the organization’s website. The era of the airplane that crashed Friday wasn’t immediately reported.

An An-26 chartered by a builder to the World Food Program appeared on Aug. 22 while shooting off from Juba from South Sudan, killing seven people.