US, Australia, India, Japan to Talk about China’s growing Energy

The very first in-person talks one of the foreign ministers because the coronavirus pandemic started also brings Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne along with the Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

Motegi, starting his working lunch with Pompeo before those so-called Quad talks, said”I expect Japan along with the U.S. will direct the global society to accomplish the Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”

Pompeo welcomed Suga’s current description of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific because the basis of regional peace and stability which”I couldn’t agree with him “

Pompeo held separate talks with his Australian counterpart, Payne, also shared worries regarding”China’s malign activities in the area,” while agreeing to the significance of the Quad talks to”the promotion of peace, prosperity, and security at the Indo-Pacific,” by the State Department.

On his way to Tokyo, Pompeo told me that the four states hope to have any”significant accomplishments” in the assembly, but didn’t elaborate.

Japanese officials say that they will talk about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to both the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) initiative for increased safety and financial cooperation that Japan and the U.S. are compelling to bring together”like-minded” states that discuss concerns about China’s growing assertiveness and sway.

The discussions come weeks before the U.S. presidential election and amid tensions involving the U.S. and China within the virus, commerce, engineering, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and human rights. Pompeo is attending to the Quad assembly, though he continued following scheduled visits to South Korea and Mongolia later President Donald Trump was hospitalized using COVID-19. The president has been released Monday and returned to the White House.

The discussions follow a current flareup in tensions between China and India within their ancestral border. Relations between Australia and China also have deteriorated lately.

Japan also believes China’s rising military action for a safety hazard.

Suga, who was chief Cabinet secretary under Abe, will create his in-house diplomatic introduction as prime minister after he matches with the Quad ministers.

“The planet is potentially becoming much more uncontrollable and unpredictable because of heightening selfish nationalism and rising pressure between the U.S. and China,” Suga told the Japanese press on Monday. He said he’ll pursue diplomacy that’s based on the Japan-U.S. alliance for a foundation and”strategically encourage the FOIP,” while establishing stable relations with neighbors such as China and Russia.

He said he plans to foster the FOIP through a planned trip to Southeast Asia after this month.

Japan sees the FOIP as critical to gain access to sea lanes all of the way to the Middle East, an integral source of petroleum to the resource-poor island country.

Suga has little expertise in diplomacy. Balancing between the U.S., Japan’s most important security ally, and China, its best trading partner, will probably be rough, analysts say.

Japan expects to regularize the Quad foreign ministers’ talks and expand its cooperation with different nations. But every Quad manhood has its own political position toward China and it would be hard to agree on concrete measures although they discuss awareness of China as a frequent danger, analysts say.