US grants $169M in military Help to Baltic Countries for 2021

The help earmarked by way of a new joint U.S.-Baltic safety program was contained from the U.S. defense appropriations bill approved by Congress and signed into law on Tuesday. At a Twitter article, Estonia’s Defense Ministry called the movement”significant & highly valued news”

Washington has supplied military assistance before to the three Baltic countries, that are NATO members. On the other hand, the Estonian ministry stated that this was the very first time that the aid has been allocated via a committed schedule, the Baltic Security Initiative.

All 3 nations border Russia.

“The decision from the U.S. Congress shows our most powerful ally is dedicated to the safety of the area and knows the security challenges,” Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik said in a statement.

He said the step affirmed that”the United States sees Estonia and the Baltic nations as trusted allies that take their commitment to shield severely” by investing in their national defense capabilities and contributing to NATO operations.

The Defense Ministry noted that the U.S. has claimed an active military presence in the southern area this season and Estonia’s army held several joint exercises using all the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy.

From late September to early November, the U.S. Cyber Control held a joint performance with Estonia to assist the country hunt block and out prospective cyber-threats out of Russia.