US will Strike back in foreign meddlers at 2020 election, Leading spy chief says

Among the best US spy chiefs has pledged the US would retaliate when overseas countries tried to intervene in the 2020 presidential elections, amid increasing concerns regarding Russian hacking.

Talking to a digital event hosted by the Association of the US Army on Monday, Gen. Paul Nakasone, National Security Agency director, and US Cyber Control mind, vowed, “We are going to behave when we view adversaries trying to intervene in our elections.”

The comments come amid accusations by the united states, UK, and Canada of all Russian-backed hackers seeking to sneak coronavirus vaccine study by pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

Nakasone guaranteed event attendees the 2018 US midterm elections had abandoned the NSA’s capacities”battle-tested” to shield against foreign interference from the 2020 presidential elections.

“We will understand our adversaries much better than they understand themselves,” he added.

That same day, leading congressional Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking that of Congress be briefed” about foreign attempts to intervene in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections “

“We’re seriously concerned, specifically, that Congress seems to be the goal of a combined foreign interference effort, which attempts to launder and reevaluate disinformation to influence diplomatic action, public discussion, along with the presidential elections in November,” the letter reads.

The letter was signed by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

“I’m putting the Kremlin along with other foreign authorities on notice. If elected president, I’ll treat foreign interference in our election within an adversarial action that greatly impacts the relationship between the USA and the interfering country’s authorities,” he explained.

The former vice president went on to state he’d”direct the US intelligence community to report openly and in a timely fashion on any attempts by foreign governments which have interfered, or tried to intervene, with US elections”