Where Brown Lenox Used To Be

제목 Where Brown Lenox Used To Be
This is the site where the Newbridge Chain Works, operated by Brown, Lenox, and Co Ltd used to be. The Chain Works were built in 1816, and Brown Lennox operated a factory here until 2000. Since then, the site fell into disrepair, until in 2007 the local council took steps which eventually led to the site being cleared in 2009. The Rhondda Cynon Taff Libraries Digital Archive contains over fifty photos of the chainworks, several of which have been published in local history books over the years. Today, the town is waiting to hear what will happen next on this piece of prime land ... one of the oldest pieces of developed land in the town. Originally it was going to be a Morrisons supermarket, but that was rejected by the Welsh Assembly Government. Now? It might become a Sainsbury's supermarket instead. Or maybe in 10 years time we'll still be left wondering what will happen. Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. Blog | Twitter | Facebook Photography: Merthyr Road | Daily Desktop Wallpaper | 25x9 | Twitter. If you like this photo, please leave a comment or mark it as one of your favourites. Want to know more about this photo? See these blog entries: * Single Shot Series: Daffodils Beside Brown Lenox * Single Shot Series: Where Brown Lenox Used To Be
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