CO 1069-96-29

Название CO 1069-96-29
Description: Alfa and pupils. Description: White flag denotes presence of krifi. Description: Prayers at Id ul Fitr ceremony near Waterloo. Location: Waterloo Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/96 This image is part of the Colonial Office photographic collection held at The National Archives, uploaded as part of the Africa Through a Lens project. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons. Our records about many of these images are limited. If you have more information about the people, places or events shown in an image, please use the comments section below. We have attempted to provide place information for the images automatically but our software may not have found the correct location. Alternatively you could use the Suggestify tool to suggest the location of a picture. For high quality reproductions of any item from our collection please contact our image library
Автор фото The National Archives UK Статистика автора Фотографии автора
Источник Flickr ID 5416349983
Дата 4 февр. 2011 21:16:23
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