St. Mary's Collegiate Church, Howth, County Dublin

Title St. Mary's Collegiate Church, Howth, County Dublin

I had believed that this was known as Howth Abbey but I have been informed that it is St. Mary's Collegiate Church.

The first church built in Howth was on the site of Howth Abbey, in Howth Village. It was founded by Sigtrygg, King of Dublin around 1042. Around 1235, the old church was amalgamated with the church on Ireland's Eye and a new church was built - founded by Luke, Archbishop of Dublin on land granted by Sir Almeric St. Lawrence. Little remains of either of these churches and most of the present abbey dates back to the late forteenth century. The church was a collegiate church - served by a collegium of three or more priests. A private house to the south-east of the church was the priests' house. Parishioners worshipped in the abbey until about 1630. After that date worship was conducted in Lord Howth's private chapel near his castle.

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