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Title Apples & Pears pub (site of). Verney Way, Rotherhithe, London, SE16 The pub would have been about where the refuse bins now stand. Built about the late 1960's, the same time as the original Bonamy Estate. In the background can be seen part of the new Bonamy Estate. The first was built either side of Rotherhithe New Road, consequently half was in Bermondsey. Rotherhithe had:- Barkis: Boythorne: Egan: Joram: Meltham: Starklieigh: Willet and Witherfield - all 'Ways'. I do not know where any of the names came from but I do know that the existing estate have the dwellings in a 'Close' and not a 'Way'. Meltham has a golf course and all the new names are of golf courses. The estate was demolished early 1990's and I believe it suffered a great deal of 'concrete cancer'. The pub was totally without character and lasted the same time as the original estate.
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