Dodge WC-27 Ambulance in the Historic Aircraft Restoration P…

Title Dodge WC-27 Ambulance in the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project on Floyd Bennett Field (hangar B) in the Gateway National Recreation Area (NY, NJ). The Dodge WC-27 is a model in the lightweight and versatile Dodge half-ton 4x4 G505 WC series of trucks that were built during 1941 and 1942. They were the first Dodge all-military design developed in the build-up to full mobilization for World War II. The series included weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances, reconnaissance vehicles, mobile workshops and command cars. The Dodge WC-27 entered production during 1941 to early 1942 and were specifically designed to serve as military ambulances. These early variants are distinguishable from the later ones by having a curved radiator grille. In the background a Boeing C-97 G Stratofreighter (cn 52-2718) and a former U.S. Navy Douglas A-4B Skyhawk (BuNo 142829 c/n 11891).
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