Drax Wall, Charborough Park Drax wall separates the A31 from…

Title Drax Wall, Charborough Park Drax wall separates the A31 from the private Charborough Park. Built in 1841 by the Drax family, it is supposed to be 3 miles long and to contain 2 million bricks, one of the longest brick walls in the country. This section is about a mile long, 26 bricks high and 2 bricks thick. Holes in the wall appear nearly every month 1200346. Fatal accidents occur near Stag gate, speed is not the problem, but bad driving. The A31 from the Dorchester bypass to Ringwood is a nightmare - where there is a 60 limit drivers get stuck behind vehicles doing 35-40. Along the side of the Drax estate is one of the only overtaking spots and so people tend to use it. Head on collisions occur at the sharp corner behind the photographer 1200325. Don't risk it.
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