The Four Marys, Linlithgow Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, was …

Title The Four Marys, Linlithgow Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, was born in Linlithgow Palace, so the pub's name is not surprisingly linked to her. As suggested in the pub, the sign suggests that the name was inspired by the song 'Four Marys' (as sung by Joan Baez among others) which mentions 'Mary Eaton, and Mary Seton, and Mary Carmichael and me', with most people assuming that 'me' is Mary, Queen of Scots. This song, however, has confused origins and although some of the characters in it could be the some of the real Four Marys, some of the events appear to be inspired by events in the Russian court. The Four Marys are really the four young noble girls, Mary Beaton, Mary Seton, Mary Fleming and Mary Livingstone, who were chosen to accompany Mary Stuart when she was sent to France for her own safety when she still just a girl. Although some sources suggest there were actually more than four Marys in any case!
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