Video Reveals Canadian Guy spit on Asian Girl in racist attack

A former University of Calgary basketball supervisor was detained after becoming caught on movie spitting in an Asian girl and calling her a racist slur, according to reports.

Justin Williams was charged with attack following the disturbing movie was submitted on Instagram, showing him ride beyond Jessica Lau, 27, in a neighborhood park Saturday and spitting in her at an unprovoked assault, subsequently mouthing the slur because he pedaled off.

The scene has been recorded by Braeden Riehl, Lau’s boyfriend, that had been filming her because she floats together on a walker as it occurred, based on

Lau subsequently took to social websites to monitor the offender that was stereotypical.

“Please talk about and help locate this racist p–ck,” Lau said from this article. “His spit landed in my legs and face, and of course his own racial slurs.”

And Williams was not even done yet, according to authorities.

“During the episode, the offender, while unprovoked, supposedly spat on three or more distinct people and used racial slurs,” Calgary authorities said in a statement, according to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

“A witness faced the offender, who subsequently threatened the witness using a weapon”

The bike-riding knucklehead was outed after the Calgary college published a condemnation of this assault on Twitter, stating that Williams was fired from the college earlier in the year as a result of his improper social media comment.

“We firmly condemn the activities within this movie and join the community in extending our service to sufferers Jessica and her boyfriend,” the faculty composed.

“Justin Williams hasn’t been an employee of UCalgary because February and his previous social networking remarks were reported (Calgary Police Service) by our employees.”