‘Well-prepared’ robbers Capture Brazilian city, loot Lender

RIO DE JANEIRO — Dozens of criminals armed with assault rifles invaded a town in southern Brazil immediately and took charge of the roads since they launched an attack against a local bank branch.

Video from residents who were broadcast over the Globo television network revealed hooded guys dressed in black walking the roads of Criciúma, at the state of Santa Catarina, and sailors being held hostage. Shots rang out Throughout the city. There were approximately 30 offenders in approximately ten cars, and they blocked access points into the city to reduce police reinforcements from reacting swiftly, the system reported.

The takeover started around midnight and lasted about two hours. Pictures on Globo revealed a bank vault with a square-shaped gap inside along with a convoy of criminals’ vehicles as they made their escape. Bills were scattered throughout the floor in 1 area of town.

Mayor Clésio Salvaro took to Twitter while the terror was unfolding to warn sailors of this”robbery of amazing proportions, by quite well-prepared thieves”

“As mayor of Criciúma, I request that you stay home, do not leave home, exercise precaution,” Salvaro stated in a movie he posted before two a.m. local times. Allow the police to do their job”

The town has a population of approximately 220,000.