White House Chief from Staff rips Fauci for comparing coronavirus into 1918 flu

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Thursday Dr. Anthony Fauci was incorrect to mention the fatal coronavirus outbreak could be like the 1918 influenza pandemic, calling America’s leading infectious disease specialist’s opinions”irresponsible” and”false.”

“He had been at Georgetown another day and he indicated that this virus had been as bad as the 1918 flu outbreak. And I will tell you that not only is that untrue, but it’s also reckless to suggest, Meadows told Fox News.

“Listen, most of us say things and do things we want we had not done. My comprehension is Dr. Fauci is walking back and telling the American people that was not true and not based on science,” Meadows continuing.

Meadows’s strikes came only 1 day after President Trump along with the White House attempted to minimize any steak the government had Fauci, together with President Trump claiming: “We are all on precisely the same team. Adding Dr. Fauci.”

Meadows’ remarks also came later he rebuked White House trade advisor Peter Navarro’s scathing op-ed at USA Today criticizing Fauci, which he stated was”not proper “

Meadows, a former lawmaker in North Carolina, was speaking to remarks Fauci made Tuesday through a Georgetown University Global Health Initiative webinar where he explained the coronavirus as a”pandemic of historical proportions” and indicated it was possible the coronavirus could equal the”seriousness” of the 1918 pandemic, which killed at least 50 million globally and about 675,000 from the US at a little over two decades.

“Right now if you examine the size of the 1918 outbreak at which anywhere from 50 to 75 to 100 million people died, I suggest that has been the mother of pandemics and truly historical. I hope we do not even approach with this, however, it will have the makings of this chance of… coming that at seriousness, although I expect that the sorts of interventions which we are likely to be, and therefore are implementing wouldn’t permit it to occur,” Fauci explained.

Fauci said the two pandemics were comparable since they were due to viruses that jumped from animals to people and so are also highly infectious from person to person.