With cakes, solitary Sabbaths sweetened for Elderly Israelis

YAVNE, Israel — For tens of thousands of elderly Israelis such as Sara Weinstein, being housebound alone throughout the nation’s second nationally lockdown is tough and depressing.

But every week before the Sabbath, which begins on Friday at sundown, she’s a knock on the door that amuses her day: a home-baked cake delivered by among thousands of volunteers bringing pastries to the elderly Israelis living independently.

“I understand that there is someone considering me, I am not alone on the planet,” she explained. “There is someone considering sweetening Shabbat.”

The Health Ministry has supported over 300,000 instances of this novel coronavirus, such as 2,278 deaths.

“Sweets for the Spirit” was launched this past year, before the pandemic, with a Tel Aviv amateur baker to increase the spirits of those restricted to their houses from wellness concerns.

“I always say that 90 percent of the planet’s problems could be solved using a piece of a fantastic cheesecake,” said Itamar Glazer, 28, creator of the weekly initiative.

“I need to make like a global system to ease closeness with social interaction and sandwiches,” he explained.

In the beginning, the pandemic’s coming in March forced the group to stop cake deliveries from concern for the security of elderly, higher-risk Israelis.

“However, what happened is that two weeks later we shut down the job, the older started calling why did you block the visits?'” He explained. Nowadays, the group provides over 1,000 cakes weekly.

For many individuals she’s seen, economic hardships brought on by the pandemic are beginning to show.

Some, who have been in a much better economic position at the onset of the epidemic, is “calling us asking’ when will the cake appear? Might it be possible to acquire more stuff than just the cake, how is it possible to include basic ingredients'” Yaron stated.

The little act of baking soda, she explained, also spending some time together with these dwelling alone”gives them a feeling of significance, to decrease the loneliness.”