Within the Insanity of Kanye West’s Rampant 2020 presidential bid

Like many of life’s best-laid plans, Kanye West’s half-baked bidding for the presidency was hatched from the shower where God allegedly told him it is time.

The unexpected moment of clarity prompted the rapper’s July 4 statement to throw his hat in the ring against President Trump and Joe Biden at a surprising 2020 presidential proposal — but spiraled out of control this week using a psychological campaign rally at South Carolina along with a flurry of rambling tweets that prompted many to question the condition of his mental wellbeing.

No stranger to controversy, Kanye’s West Wing fantasies have suddenly devolved to a reality series — one fittingly match to get a Kardashian.

West’s tweet he was vying for the Oval Office immediately caught fire — garnering over 1.2 million enjoys and tens of thousands of tweets of service, such as Tesla co-founder Elon Musk — never mind the fact he’s missed virtually every nation filing deadline.

“We should finally recognize the promise of America by expecting God, consolidating our eyesight and constructing our future,” West tweeted the Fourth of July for his 30 million followers. “I’m running for president of the USA.”

The 43-year-old daddy of four opened up on his unconventional conduct four days afterward in a broad interview with Forbes, where he explained as an anti-abortion, anti-vaxxer that entrusts God to”appoint” the president.

He credited the Almighty Creator with uplifting his bonkers bid for presidency from the shower in Kris Jenner’s home after being supplied the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

“It struck me to say’You are going to run for president’ and I started laughing hysterically, I was, for example, this really is the very best, I will head out there and they are going to think I am likely to perform these tunes and get this done for amusement, how disgusting awards shows are, then say I will run for president,” he remembered.

“And I only laughed from the shower do not know for how long, but that is the moment it struck me.”

“One of the principal reasons I wore the red hat for a demonstration to the segregation of votes from the black community,” he clarified. “Additionally, aside from the fact, I enjoy Trump resorts as well as the saxophones from the lobby”

West said he is running under the self-styled banner known as the Birthday Party” because when we win, it is everyone’s birthday.”

Meanwhile, when chosen, the self-obsessed”Gold Digger” rapper said he intends to run the nation such as Wakanda, the literary state in the movie”Black Panther,” while speaking to himself as”among the most effective humans.”

“I am gonna utilize the frame of Wakanda right now since it is the best explanation for exactly what our design team will feel like at the White House,” he told Forbes.

West appears serious about becoming president despite his late entrance to the race.

Before this month, he also registered the 35,000 fees to look on the Nov. 3 ballot at Oklahoma along with Statement of Organization paperwork together with that the Federal Election Commission.

However, West — who’s previously talked about getting bipolar illness — started to go off the rails at his very first campaign rally at South Carolina on Sunday through a rambling speech at which he chased his IQ of 132.

“I went into the hospital since my mind was too large for my skull,” he told the audience in North Charleston.

West — dressed in a bulletproof vest and also”2020″ shaved in his mind — then chose a baffling swipe famed abolitionist Harriet Tubman, asserting she”never really freed the servant, she only had the slaves move to perform for other white men and women.”

Then came the subject of abortion — that delivered him hysterically.

“I murdered my girl!” West wept.

He maintained his reality-star girlfriend-turned-wife Kim Kardashian”needed the tablets in her hands” to induce the abortion of the first-born child North West.

Kardashian initially became pregnant in 2012, nine months after they began dating.

But, he obtained a signal from God — during his notebook.

“My screen went white and black. And God said, ‘Should you f–k with my eyesight, I f–k with yours’… And that I phoned my girlfriend said, ‘We are going to have that kid.'”

The pair finally had North, now seven, and proceeded to have kid Saint, 4, kid Chicago, two, and son 1.

At one stage during the campaign occasion, West flip-flopped on his anti-abortion position, stating he believes it ought to be lawful but proposed incentivizing girls to keep their infants.

“Everyone who has a baby gets a thousand bucks,” West stated for instance.

“She’s been trying to assist Kanye, keep him calm and stop him from getting any people meltdowns,” the source stated. “He will not take drugs because he believes that they make him less imaginative. Kim is ruined. She has worked so toughly to help him but she will not let him do so to their kids.”

“If you do not take medicine daily to keep you in a particular condition, you can ramp up and it could take you to someplace at which you can even wind up in the clinic,” said West, who had been put in an involuntary psychiatric cause in 2016.

“If you ramp it up express your character more. It’s possible to turn out to be almost more teenagers in your expression. This is the particular experience I’ve had within the previous two decades since I have just been diagnosed for 2 decades now.”

The 21-Grammy winning rapper’s troubling conduct was on full screen again Monday at a succession of tweets that accused Kardashian of attempting to”lock up me.”

“Kim attempted to bring a physician to lock me up with a physician,” that the rapper tweeted from Wyoming, where he and his wife have a husband and live part-time.

Also, he seemed to have a dig momager, Jenner.

“I place my life in my God which North’s mother would never picture her performing playboy and that is on God,” he wrote. “I place my life at stake for my kids that North’s mum would never promote her gender [t]ape.”

A number of those additional tweets also have been yanked — rescue for one which only said, “Ima concentrate on the music today.”