Witnesses: Afghan Authorities airstrike kills at least 14

Hundreds of people had gathered from Herat’s Adraskan district to welcome home a former Taliban fighter freed from prison when aircraft pounded the collecting, said Noor Rahmati, a witness that dropped three members of his household from the airstrike.

Government officials said Thursday that the airstrike a day before was being researched.

Ghulam Nabi was published as part of a captive market directed at transferring discussions between the authorities and the Taliban ahead, another and crucial phase of a peace agreement between the U.S. and Taliban.

District Mothers and well-wishers had come to welcome Nabi as soon as the attack started, the witnesses said. Nabi’s 9-year-old son was allegedly hurt in the assault.

The United Nations was critical of the rising death toll among civilians in Afghanistan, due to either side in the lengthy battle.

We condemn the assault and encourage an investigation,” Khalilzad tweeted.

The Taliban issued a statement denouncing strikes on Taliban prisoners freed as part of their peace agreement. The agreement requires the authorities to launch 5,000 Taliban from jails around the nation and the insurgent movement to free 1,000 government employees, such as Afghan security forces.

The statement warned that violence against freed inmates will undermine the agreement signed in February and also create the task of maintaining freed offenders from returning to the battle that considerably harder.

“Such activities can induce prisoners that are recently published and desire for regular life to take weapon up against the enemy,” said the announcement.

Witness Abdul Khaliq, whose brother Abdullah was at a hospital in Herat with injuries from the assault, stated”these sufferers aren’t Taliban. They simply wanted to fulfill a comparative returning home”

“They saw girls wearing their scarves covering themselves and running for security and they still hit them also,” Rahmati said. He called for a global investigation to the airstrike.

While the U.S. and NATO have already started reducing their troop strength, the next stage of the bargain — that involves Afghans on both sides of the struggle to take a seat at the discussion table — was postponed. A lot of the flaws have been a consequence of Kabul’s hesitation to free some Taliban prisoners identified for launch as part of their arrangement.

For the Taliban’s role, the arrangement calls to them to make sure Afghanistan isn’t again employed as a haven for terrorists to strike the U.S. and its allies. On the other hand, the particulars of the way the spiritual movement will meet that commitment have yet to be published by Washington, citing safety reasons.