Witnesses: Afghan Authorities airstrikes kill 24 civilians

The 2 witnesses contacted by the AP said the majority of those killed in Saturday’s airstrikes, which broke the village of Sayed Ramazan in northern Kunduz province, were civilians. The Khanabad district in the state in which the village is situated is Taliban-regulated.

The Afghan Defense Ministry, however, said the airstrikes killed 30 Taliban fighters,” however, included an evaluation was being forced to asserts that civilians were among those killed.

The airstrikes come as Taliban and government-appointed negotiators are meeting for the first time in Qatar to go over the future of Afghanistan and also an end to decades of warfare and battle.

Villagers said a first airstrike targeted a home belonging to some Taliban fighter, whose dwelling pitched as a checkpoint for stopping and frisking people to make sure they weren’t on the government. The explosion set fire to a local residence, trapping a family indoors, stated Latif Rahmani, that watched the airstrikes and talked to the AP by telephone.

Rahmani said farmers and villagers hurried to douse the fire and rescue trapped relatives indoors when another airstrike struck, killing most of them.

Rahmani, who stated he had been working on his home in the time of the airstrike, cautioned his neighbors against conducting toward the burning buildings for fear of another airstrike.

“I cried at people and advised them to not move because there could be another bombing, however they ran in to assist and also to put out the flame,” Rahmani said.

Another witness in the region, Kalamuddin, who like many Afghans uses only 1 name, said the only real Taliban fighter who dwelt in the home that was originally hit was murdered. He said five children were among the 24 civilians which were murdered.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid condemned the airstrikes and said the Taliban had no army operations in the region in the time of the airstrike.

The United Nations has aggressively criticized either side in the battle for the constant killing of civilians in Afghanistan’s extended war. A U.N. report stated 1,282 Afghan civilians were murdered in the first half of 2020down 13 percent from 2019.

The peace talks in Qatar are a part of a U.S.-brokered deal with the Taliban which will gradually result in the U.S. withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

In late July, an Afghan authorities airstrike killed at least 14 people in the western Herat province, most of these women and kids. Witnesses said hundreds of people had gathered to welcome home a former Taliban fighter freed from prison when aircraft sprayed the collecting.

Before that month, Afghan national military employees fired mortars into a crowded marketplace in southern Helmand, killing 23 people.

Additionally, Saturday, at least six rockets were fired at NATO’s Resolute Support foundation in southern Kandahar. NATO said in a statement when the Taliban were behind the rocket, it might endanger the U.S. peace agreement where the Taliban have promised to not attack U.S. and NATO forces.