Woman whose Chicago House was Staged by Authorities:’I feared for my life’

An investigation was launched to a replica of a Chicago girl’s flat that led to armed police officers pulling on their weapons and handcuffing an innocent girl in February 2019.

After about two minutes, authorities covered Young using a blanket.

“I ran in my living space, tried to catch something to pay myself. And earlier, you understand, I really could do anything‚Ķ the authorities were in. The area was dark so that I could see lights , scopes on firearms pointed at me,” Young told ABC News'”Good Morning America” on Friday.

“I had been frightened into compliance,” Young stated. “I was afraid when I did anything or made any motions they would shoot me. I feared for my own life that night”

Young said in a press conference Wednesday, “I do not think it is fair that the town has spent the previous two years telling me they did nothing wrong.”

The footage has been made public this past week. Young’s lawyer said the city originally attempted to block his customer from accessing the movie.

“The reason that they state they refused that the FOIA request is since there was a continuing investigation,” Keenan Saulter, Young’s lawyer, told Chicago ABC station WLS. “This is not about a protective order. This is all about a cover-up.”

On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown apologized through a media conference and guaranteed change.

It has been debilitating, debilitating, and upsetting.”

Brown explained the Chicago Police Department will review its policies on warrants in January to incorporate a revision that in the event the incorrect home is raided, there’ll be a claim telling to make an inventory of what took place during the occasion.

“No-knock warrants will likely be accepted if there’s a threat to life and security that’s been articulated clearly,” Brown stated. “We will need to make sure this never occurs again using reformed policies, processes, and liability.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability at Chicago stated it’s been exploring Young’s episode for around a year, WLS reported. The mayor has ordered a complete release of body camera movies from that evening and is requesting state lawmakers to check into the body camera movie is regulated in Chicago.

Saulter stated that they will pursue legal actions and file a lawsuit against both the town and the Chicago Police Department in the forthcoming days.

Young told”GMA” which she can associate to Breonna Taylor, who had been shot dead by police in her Louisville house in March as officers attempted to perform a search warrant.

“It should not happen to me personally, it should not occur to Breonna Taylor, it should not occur to anyone and in the hands of those police officers,” Young told reporters.