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Www Balchitrakala .com Reviews – Balchitrakala com Read More About It! The Bal Chitra Kala contest is launched from the Maharashtra state for kids that are interested in painting or arts.

The contest is for the pupils from class 1st to course 10th in the Mumbai district. This painting contest is organized so that pupils can paint the blank Mumbai city.

The vision of clean and neat Mumbai town is likely to produce a fantastic influence on the pupils and this may even improve their minds to keep their environment clean.

In this guide, we’ve discussed in detail regarding bal Chitra Kala spardha 2021 and how it is possible to do the online enrollment.


Bal Chitrakala Sparda is the very best method for the kids to paint and understand their vision on the canvas. The subject on which pupils must paint is quite distinctive and this will produce a fantastic influence on their heads.

The subject that’s provided below this contest is the way do our town be exceptional, perfect, clean, lovely, and green?

And what should be our duty and responsibility for this to keep the city clean and neat.

With this idea, students will think of their thoughts through images and this may reveal their vision to their environment.

By the data, a mean of approx. 60,000 pupils get involved in this contest each year and this season it’s anticipated more students will participate.

Before this rivalry was held in each park or floor but because of COVID-19 this time it’ll be going online just.