Www.comusav. com Reviews – Www.comusav mundial.com Is Scam Or Legit Website?

Www.comusav. com Reviews – Www.comusav mundial.com Is Scam Or Legit Website? Such as the froth of boiling milk, news of wonder products which cure everything and readily emerge occasionally.

Like foam which may burn you, we also warn you that these goods don’t have any scientific base however find their way to seduce you directly in your door or even on your mobile phone.

According to the record of the American Agency for the usage of Hazardous Substances and Disease Registry, chlorine dioxide can be used as a bleach from factories that create paper and paper goods and from water treatment plants that make drinking water. Chlorine dioxide is more soluble in water and reacts quickly with other chemicals. If it responds in water, chlorine dioxide kinds chlorite ions, which are also quite reactive materials. The high reactivity of chlorine dioxide enables it to kill bacteria and other germs from the water. Approximately 5 percent of the biggest water treatment plants (which serve over 100,000 individuals ) in America utilize chlorine dioxide for drinking water treatment. In communities that use chlorine dioxide for drinking water treatment, small quantities of chlorine dioxide and its byproduct, chlorite ions, may be located in the water which reaches houses.

Chlorine dioxide and chlorite respond rapidly in moist and water body cells.

If you breathe air that includes chlorine dioxide gas, then you might experience irritation of the nose, throat, and lungs. The majority of folks won’t be subjected to chlorine dioxide or chlorite in quantities high enough to cause injury to other areas of the human body. But if you’re subjected to very substantial quantities of chlorine dioxide or chlorite, you might suffer from shortness of breath and other respiratory difficulties as a result of the harm these chemicals do to the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen through the body.

Studies with animals exposed to chlorine dioxide and chlorite have revealed effects very similar to those found in people exposed to very substantial quantities of those compounds. The amounts which affected animals were subjected to have been considerably greater compared to amounts likely to be found in drinking water that’s been disinfected with chlorine dioxide.

The allegedly medical applications of chlorine and its sale started in the USA in 2006, in which with no clinical support a number of the vendors suggested that it cured malaria, and then they comprised pneumonia, Ebola, H1N1 influenza, cancer, etc… After a time, its economy transferred into Europe and other continents. Now, in times of a pandemic, its promoters say, with no evidence, it heals COVID-19.

A vital review in the books associated with chlorine dioxide suggests that many are biological, chemical, and toxicological studies; many are preclinical research studies. As is understood, for a chemical to be qualified for medicinal purposes, it has to obey the clinical trials of stages I, II, and III, and they’re known associations like the FDA or even COFEPRIS at Mexico, which later exhaustive inspection the claims or disapprove.

So far, there’s absolutely no record that certifies that chlorine dioxide has passed these stages. In light of this, and also the hazards of poisoning due to this chemical, no health company has accepted the use of chlorine dioxide for medical functions; What is more, they exude its usage and alert the people to the health issues due to this compound.

COFEPRIS has announced the public warning about its usage for a miracle drug (without assistance based on clinical studies) and giving the following recommendations:

  • Cofepris doesn’t have scientific proof that decides the usage of the product for treating any illness.
  • This Health Authority hasn’t approved health records of medications that include in their formulation that the compounds Chlorine Dioxide, Sodium Chlorite or their derivatives.
  • The people must follow the signs established by the health authorities for the prevention and therapy of COVID-19

They’re marketed under the title”Miracle Mineral Option” (miracle mineral solution).

The FDA regrets that chlorine dioxide compounds have never been proven to be safe and effective for any use, such as COVID-19, however, these goods are still available for a remedy to deal with atherosclerosis, cancer, HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, and flu, among other ailments, despite their damaging consequences.

Sites that sell chlorine dioxide goods generally characterize the merchandise as a liquid that’s 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. The product’s directions for use instruct customers to combine the salt chlorite solution with uric acids, such as lime or lemon juice, or a different acid such as lactic acid, before drinking. Oftentimes, sodium chlorite is marketed as part of a kit using a uric acid functioning as the”activator.” After the acid is added, the mix turns out sulfur dioxide, a potent bleaching agent, that has generated life-threatening and serious unwanted side effects.

The FDA has received reports of people experiencing severe adverse events following taking a chlorine byproduct, for example:

Respiratory failure Brought on by a serious illness in which the Quantity of oxygen carried through the Blood is Significantly reduced (methemoglobinemia);

  • Changes in the electric activity of the heart (QT prolongation), which May Lead to abnormal heart rhythms
  • Deadly Reduced blood pressure Brought on by dehydration;
  • Acute liver failure;
  • Low blood cell count, Thanks to Accelerated destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemia)
  • Severe Nausea
  • Severe diarrhea

The FDA isn’t aware of any scientific evidence to back up the safety or effectiveness of”Miracle Mineral Option” goods, despite promises that the remedy contains antifungal, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

The FDA encourages users to talk to a physician about how to prevent and treat medical ailments or ailments.

The FDA anxieties that products that fraudulently claim to cure, cure or prevent serious ailments such as COVID-19 might cause customers to delay stop or seeking proper medical therapy, which may lead to fatal and serious injury.

It’s crucial to mention that people who sell and promote it mention that the government doesn’t need to support this merchandise since it competes with all the excellent interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry. It’s not so. It’s merely a matter of implementing the very same rules for everybody and encouraging those severe initiatives that signal that a product could be helpful for human ingestion. Researchers that encourage this treatment need to run research studies, in accord with national and global criteria that demonstrate its efficacy and safety. Patients who have it should sign a Letter of Consent accepted by an Ethics Committee, where the advantages, dangers, and also their rights to suspend their ingestion are cited.

In Mexico, there are moves of Alternative Medicine professionals that defend their right to utilize these products. By way of instance, last Sunday, September 20, 2020, although there’s not any scientific proof to demonstrate the efficacy and security of chlorine dioxide as a medication, a bunch of protesters met at the Angel of Independence to need this component compound is used as a remedy for COVID-19 in hospitals. Approximately 100 people listened to different talks with teachers, chemists, and physicians who promise, among other matters, which COVID-19 is a pandemic and the utilization of masks is both unnecessary and even dangerous.

In reality, the bureau France 24. Com remarks that from a company perspective from Latin America, bottles have been offered for between 8 and 30 bucks, based on the amount. People who market it often encourage its reliability, together with a few books speaking about Andreas Klecker, a controversial German scientist that defends using the product for medical purposes in a lot of movies online. These depend on hundreds of thousands of perspectives but are often eliminated by the very same platforms.

In reality, you will find two pages linked to the topic: among those World Health and Life Coalition which comprises a high number of testimonials and videos from individuals, several of these view leaders, leaders, or physicians who cite the marvels of the goods. In no part of the page are legitimate scientific books that encourage their outcomes, but for the so-called”Chlorine Dioxide Dossier” we discuss as a pdf (see in the end) and that doesn’t consist of controlled studies, completed in people, backed by an Ethics Committee and approved by the drug control agency of any nation. On the flip side, there’s the official site of the German promoter of the panacea,” Andreas Klecker, a biophysical researcher, that is offered in many languages, such as our very own, in Spanish.

If you know a physician or practice which boosts these goods, you can notify the Health Authority of the nation. If you believe it is not your issue or your obligation, you need to ask a scientific book that illuminates exactly what they market and discuss that advice with a physician with scientific instruction in the order he can provide you his view.