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News r134a réfrigérateur 2017 Reviews – Read More Get Info r134a réfrigérateur 2017 Reviews – Read More Get Info r134a réfrigérateur 2017 Reviews – Read More Get Info Since there’s still a time of transition, TEXA has no intention of dismissing the requirement for support channels for its elderly refrigerant, and is dedicated to creating the innovative technology of its own 700 Series AC service channels out there for use with R134a.

Keeping this in mind, TEXA has created the KONFORT 710R, specially designed to fulfil the requirements of garages who need an”entry-level” system just for R134a that, after all, remains the most common refrigerant in automobile A/C systems.

Even though it has been TEXA’s entry-level version, the KONFORT 710R nonetheless provides as standard all of the vital functions which have established that the KONFORT 700 Series since the ideal air conditioning service channels available on the marketplace.

To be able to guarantee security and efficacy, r134a réfrigérateur 2017 every sort of oil and refrigerant mustn’t be cross-contaminated. TEXA has developed a unique automated flushing purpose to clean out the inner circuits of this service channel. r134a réfrigérateur 2017 Reviews – Read More Get Info

The KONFORT 700 series ac recharge channels automatically conduct a double leak detection test. All security-related surgeries occur automatically to get rid of mistakes.


TEXA working software conforms to the strictest requirements of precision and precision.

Any probable flaws or messages are exhibited through comprehensive error messages. TEXA software handles the retrieval and recharge procedures, to ensure precession which has been previously unknown.

Particularly, the automated processes help the operator using repairs on highly complex systems, like the ones fitted on the new hybrid vehicles. All versions have a removable SD card that permits communicating using a Windows PC to upgrade vehicle make and version database, assess and certify all components and possible software upgrades.

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