Zambian Authorities State Two shot dead as Resistance Audience dispersed

LUSAKA, Zambia — Police in Zambia say two people are shot dead following a massive and”unruly” audience accompanied by a leading opposition leader who’d been summoned to police headquarters.

The police announcement says individuals were advised to”stay away” since Hakainde Hichilema was coming Wednesday in response to a summons from the capital, Lusaka.

The southern African country faces a presidential election in the midst of the next year. Following an unusually stressed election in 2016, Hichilema was arrested and charged with treason in 2017 until he had been published amid an outcry. He was accused of obstructing President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade with his very own convoy.

Hichilema currently says authorities are”waging war against taxpayers” since the campaigning for second-year starts, and the seat of his United Party for National Development, Mutale Nalumango, blames the violence that is new on the judgment Patriotic Front.

Police say they’re awaiting the results of forensic assessments to ascertain what sort of firearm has been used.